Electronics projects

Here is a list, in chronological order, of the electronics projects I've worked on.


An electronic finish line for a pinewood derby track. Communicates results to a PC via an RS-232 serial port.

Status: Complete
Microcontroller: PIC24FJ32GP202
Component count: 26 (plus 4 connector headers)

Wireless projector remote

An RF remote control transmitter and receiver pair for turning a projector on and off.

Status: Abandoned (RF works, but the project is not needed anymore)
Microcontroller: 2x PIC12F615
Component count: 19 (transmitter), 17 (receiver)

Projector status LED

A smart power status LED attached to the serial port on a projector. This project replaced the wireless projector remote.

Status: Complete
Microcontroller: PIC12F615
Component count: 15

USB-controlled monochrome LCD display

A 128x64 black-and-white LCD, powered and controlled over USB.

Status: Abandoned (worked on breadboard, but PCB was wrong)
Microcontrollers: PIC24HJ32GP202, PIC18F14K50
Component count: 19, plus connectors

RS-232 video switch remote control

A 2-button serial remote for a Kramer VP-719DS video switcher/scaler.

Status: Complete
Microcontroller: PIC12F509
Component count: 19

MIDI Out module for Yamaha FX/FS-series organs

An add-in for Yamaha Electone FX- and FS-series organs. I use an FX-20 as a virtual pipe organ console.

Status: Installed, working on firmware
Microcontroller: PIC24EP64GP202
Component count: 52, plus connectors